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Teeth Whitening in Our Clinic

Today, more and more people want to have immaculately white teeth. In order to avoid damage to your obturations (fillings), your teeth’s enamel or your gums, we strongly recommend that you choose to whiten your teeth at our clinic rather than using the solutions found in pharmacies. As well as being non-abrasive, teeth whitening offers many benefits: it enables you to improve your smile in a few hours (instead of 2 to 3 weeks). At the Julien & Marin clinic, this treatment is quick and simple; the professional simply applies on your teeth a product which is activated by light. After only one session, the stains caused by wine, tea, and coffee are diminished and your teeth’s enamel is many shades brighter.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Should you wish a more progressive change, we can offer professional quality teeth whitening at home. The latter is performed by wearing dental trays made-to-measure for your teeth, thus enabling the whitening gel to be held against your teeth and thus offer optimal results. After having used the gel filled trays for about 2 weeks, your teeth will be as sparkling as they would be after a teeth whitening in our clinic. For the entire length of the treatment, we recommend that you avoid foods that can stain your teeth, like red wine, tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. What’s more, it is important to brush and floss your teeth before putting the trays in your mouth. When your dental enamel begins to tarnish, you just have to re-use your trays by ordering additional whitening gel from our dental clinic.

Ceramic or Dental Composite Veneers

Dental veneers are the ideal solution to correct many minor aesthetical defects, such as the shape or the color of the teeth, diastemas, worn or broken teeth, etc. This quick and painless intervention carried out by the professionals who work at the Julien & Marin dental clinic consists of installing thin ceramic or composite films directly on your teeth’s facades. Designed in laboratory, the ceramic veneers (that are more resistant) require 2 sessions. The first includes preparing the tooth and making an impression that will allow the veneer to be well moulded; the second one enables the dentist to cement the veneer onto the tooth.

Diastema Closure

Diastema refers to the spacing that is present between two adjacent teeth, whether it is central and/or lateral. Even though dental diastemas cause no health problems, a large portion of the population finds them undesirable for aesthetic reasons. Fortunately for these people, various solutions are available to remedy this problem. Among the possible interventions, besides orthodontics, whose aim is to correct the space with the use of orthodontic apparatuses, there are veneers (ultra-fine ceramic or composite film that covers the tooth) or the crowns (a ceramic prosthesis that covers the tooth). However, before proceeding to the closure of a diastema, it is important to know its cause. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our professionals so that they can establish the correct diagnosis, which will be used to determine the best solution available for you.